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Death of a Dead Guy

By: William L. Bowman, Jr.

Age Level: Middle Grades to High School
Cast: 3F, 3M
Time: About 30 minutes

Collette, the ditzy but sneaky maid, finds Reginald Bascombe III at his desk with a knife in his back, dead. Or is he? Mrs. Bascombe is totally upper class nonchalant. Collette tidies up for the authorities, feather dusting the body. But when the butler tries to call the police, the phone is dead. By coincidence, the loud-mouthed bumbling private eye Peter Cannon shows up. He accuses everyone of the crime with absurd scenarios. Finally, he decides that Reggie was playing mumblety-peg and offed himself by accident. Throughout the play, when the cast isn’t looking "the corpse" looks up with a variety of silly expressions. He tops it all with the last word. Wonderfully witty with lots of action. Easy to stage.

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